CLIL School Groups (13 yrs+)

Course Code:


Course Description:

A course for school groups incorporating CLIL lessons based on the English National Curriculum. The emphasis is on maximising student involvement in the language by engaging them in thought-provoking activities and projects. We aim to make the classes interactive and stimulating, while building the confidence of the students when communicating in English.


Jan-Mar - Sept-Dec

Start any Monday (except when the school is closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays and Bank Holidays: 01/01/2019, 19/04/2019, 22/04/2019, 06/05/2019, 27/05/2019, 26/08/2019).

Class Size:

Closed groups (Minimum 12 students).



Length (weeks):



Elementary to Advanced




5 day course / 1 week - £368 (Net)
Includes full board accommodation, Sunday Arrival/Saturday departure

What is included:

  • Full board Homestay Accommodation: 2 students per Homestay provider
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Afternoon town tour
  • Use of Self Access Centre
  • Free Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Services of Accommodation & Welfare Manager


Full day Saturday/Sunday excursions (indivdually priced)

Afternoon/evening activities accompanied by a teacher (individually priced)

Optional visit to an English school

A full day visit to an English state school can be arranged if dates are compatible with the school timetable. The visit will replace one teaching day at Scarborough International School. Typically the visit will include:

  • Morning spent shadowing English pupils
  • Afternoon joint sporting/cultural activities with English pupils
  • Evening disco/party with English pupils

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“I've been to Scarborough International School twice now, first taking a Teen Vacation course and then, two years later, an Intensive General English for 6 months. The staff are amazing and lovely people, the teachers are professional; if the school wasn't amazing I wouldn't have gone there twice and you know what, I would go there a the third time, but the next time with my brothers. About Scarborough, it's a very nice and safe place to visit and live, you could have a nice time on the lovely beach. My host family was such a great family I felt like I was living with my real family. I really like my memories there, I wouldn't forget anything.”

Ibrahim Al Shammari, Saudi Arabia


“I highly recommend the International School of English (SIS) and Scarborough as the places to learn or improve your English!”

“I lived and worked in Scarborough for 8 months, and I spent my first and last month in SIS. That was very useful to my daily life, because there I could make lots of good friends. Some of them were British and others were Japanese, Italian, Russian, and many different other nationalities.”

Sara, Spain


“I lived my first experience abroad two years ago in Scarborough and, if I was a bit reluctant at the beginning because I was alone, I had to get used to my host family′s routine and I didn′t know the town I would stay in for two weeks, the students I met at school, my new teachers and all the staff managed to make me feel at home. To be honest, you can enjoy a Teen Vacation with your friends even within the borders of your own country, but at Scarborough International School I found a special atmosphere: students coming from all over the world have the opportunity to tell each other about their culture, habits and plans for the future, as if they knew each other very well. In fact I believe this intercultural exchange is the true novelty which I was impressed with. In addition, Scarborough is a nice town with some relaxing leafy areas, the places I visited on my school excursions in Yorkshire were dramatic and interesting, while the afternoon and evening activities proposed were really enjoyable. To sum up, I was absolutely satisfied with my SIS experience so that I decided to have another Teen Vacation there this year.”

Francesco, Italy


“About a year ago we were on the verge of booking a holiday which was going to be a little out of the ordinary; a week’s study holiday in Scarborough for Dad with seven-year-old daughter. Mum meanwhile would be having a week’s holiday in the true sense of the word. A year on and we are getting ready to repeat the positive and enjoyable experience this adventure turned out to be. The organisation of the school immediately gave us a series of guarantees: our homestay accommodation was arranged with a family who had a young daughter, the study programme was balanced and well-adapted to the needs of both father and daughter.”

Paola, Milan